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Mar 13, 2013 2:00pm PDT
at the center of a storm. the disciples surround him as though rolled back by a burst of energy, each reacting in a different way to the accusation, "one of you shall betray me." the disciples are young and old. they give expression to their feelings, but they also express the idea of the first christian mass. a monk witnessed leonardo at work in the monastery of santa maria delle grazie in milan. "many a time i have seen leonardo "go early in the morning to work "on the platform before the last supper, "and there he would stay, never laying down a brush, "painting without eating or drinking. "then three or four days would pass "without his touching the work, "yet each day he would spend hours examining it and criticizing the figures to himself." there are very few works still existing which reveal whateonardo did to transform 15th-century painting, yet his influence on subsequent generations was enormous. one of his final paintings, the virgin and saint anne of 1507, reveals some of the qualities saanne holdsm her virgin dauter mary as the infant christ reaches for the lamb of god. leonardo o
Mar 14, 2013 11:00am PDT
rural areas. so, for example, many of the dams in laos will be selling energy to thailand and that will go to bangkok. and, ironically, often people who are displaced by dams or who are impacted in some way in the rural areas will not see the benefits in terms of electricity. narrator: displacement of people living in areas targeted for dam construction is only one fact of hydroelectric development, whether privately or publicly funded. fox: all around the world, tens of llions of people have been displaced by large-scale dams. in laos, it does disproportiotely impact ethnic minorities who live in the highland areas where the dams are being built. so they're resettled away from the reservoir areas and they're also resettled away from the mountains and highlands above reservoirs. narrator: anotr oblem with resettlement in laos isacy ofamar os wasaughinssbombed e ail. x: 9 millions oorance droppedn os ianmuchf itains inanca unexpde. so when people are resettled example from highland areawheren to midr a lowland area where they must grow wetice ianmuchf itains inanca unexpd
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2